Here Is A List of Five Things You Can Expect From Your Visit:

1. Patient Forms
Unfortunately, paperwork cannot be avoided. But, we’ve made it easier by enabling you to fill out all of our forms online in advance of your appointment. Visit the Fox Valley Orthopedics website to fill out your forms online. If you are unable to fill out paperwork online, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete the necessary insurance paperwork. We also ask that you bring a list of current medications and past surgeries so we have a full picture of your health.

2. Questions
Prepare to ask and answer questions. It’s helpful to write a list of questions you’d like to ask Dr. Seeds in advance. Also, be prepared answer questions as completely and honestly as possible. The more information he has, the more straightforward and successful treatment plan he will be able to make.

3. Physical Exam
Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to easily get to the afflicted area. Dr. Seeds will likely need to test the strength of your limbs, range of motion, reflexes, and more. Each test provides a piece to the puzzle, so please expect that they will occur during your overall exam.

4. Follow Up Tests
Dr. Seeds may need to get a picture of your condition at a level that is beyond physical examination, such as an MRI or x-rays. Prepare yourself for this possibility. These tests are used to rule out potential issues as often as they are intended to diagnose them.

5. Treatment Plan
A good appointment will end with suggestions from Dr. Seeds that you will need to carry out. This may include physical therapy, surgery, an exercise regime, or a prescribed medicine. Each suggestion made is done with the utmost care and your health as the main priority.

Dr. Seeds diagnoses individually and provides treatment plans the same way. No two people have the same solution. Recommendations are based on your overall health, ability level, test results, and other factors.


Patient Forms

Step 1. Please fill out these Patient Forms using your computer or by hand. Bring your completed forms with you to your appointment.

Step 2. Read the Privacy Practice