Multiple Marathons after Meniscal Surgery!

Greetings Dr. Seeds:

We are writing to express our appreciation for your clinical and practical expertise. As an athlete yourself, you are well aware of the desire to finish what you start.

We appreciate how over the past two years, with a myriad of maladies, you have provided us sound practical advice and clinical interventions which have enabled us to accomplish athletic goals.

Examples include:


  • Complete 20+ miles of a Ragnar Relay the weekend prior to scheduled meniscus surgery
  • Completing the NY Marathon 5 months after meniscus surgery
  • Completing the Marine Corps Marathon 9 months after meniscus surgery on other knee
  • Cortisone shot under knee cap 2 weeks prior to Marine Corps Marathon for Katya
  • Result was Katya qualified for the Boston Marathon yesterday by 9+ minutes!


In summary, your diagnosis and treatment has effectively addressed our needs and enabled us to keep moving forward.

Ian and Katya