Three Half Marathons Later…


Several years ago while out for a run, I felt a snap in my knee and realized something was seriously wrong. I met with a recommended orthopedic specialist and he suggested physical therapy and possible cortisone injections. Shortly after, I went on an unsuccessful ski trip due to my injury and decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Seeds. He told me I had a torn meniscus and he recommended surgery, assuring me I would be back to running after some post surgery physical therapy. Dr. Seeds was right! I had my pre-injury knee back in no time and the surgery was a huge success.

As a busy mother of four, running is something I rely upon for my physical and mental well-being. Since my surgery, I have completed three half-marathons within my goal time of under two hours. I now enjoy long runs of 5-7 miles every other day, a time which I appreciate and look forward to as my personal time during my busy days. I am very grateful to Dr. Seeds for his expertise and personal attention and most importantly for giving me back my ability to run. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking advice from an orthopedic surgeon. -Karin